wartrin-review-homeWhen it comes to treating genital warts, the number one criteria is obviously effectiveness. Does the product actually work? Every product in our top 3 list is going to be effective. Let’s repeat that. Every one of our top 3 products, be it Wartrin, Wartamine, or AntiWarts will safely eliminate genital warts. With that as a given, the second most important criteria is speed. How fast will the product eliminate an outbreak of genital warts? We tested over a dozen genital wart cures in our quest to find the fastest, most effective treatment before settling on our top 3 treatments.

Wartrin, the top product, can deliver results in 48 hours once the treatment reaches your home, and with free rush shipping on selected orders, that’s amazingly fast! Our number 2 ranked product Wartamine delivers results in under 72 hours, with a 100 percent guarantee backing your purchase. Finally, our number 3 ranked product is a little different, but is on our list because it works, and it works fast. With no shipping necessary (meaning there’s no wait required to get started), AntiWarts can begin working in as little as 72 hours! For those suffering from an outbreak of genital warts, our reviews should give you hope; fast and effective results are possible with these superb genital warts treatments.